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The excitement of Augmented Reality has taken over the world, with almost every other company in the production space or hardware trying to make their process a little easier. Furniture segment is also not far behind. Imagine painting a piece of furniture in your room, even before you buy it. From position to color coordination, you can see furniture in your room, thanks to Augmented Reality (AR).


The largest use of AR in the furniture segment is furniture testing

Goodbye you buy it. The Indian applications in the segment like Urban Ladder allow you to choose the sofa and try it in your room by projecting it through the camera of the phone. You can even change the color to check which one works for your room. These applications also allow a person to change the size of the furniture and change its position to see if it looks the best in your home.

Bring e-commerce

With the issue of people do not trust e-commerce sites especially to buy furniture, because they have no confidence on the product, has also led to e-commerce segment seen a period boring paragraph It has also led to online stores like PepperFry launching outlets for people to try out and test


t. But with these AR applications, people will soon be able to detect the quality of the product. Urban Ladder is also said to be working on features that under different lighting you can see the product.

Customize it from your phone

Many times, people prefer to receive custom furniture for their room. Let it match the existing furniture in the room or the color or pattern of the room, customizing these pieces also makes it simpler. After all, furniture is a long term investment. Bringing a balance of practical enhancements and a market for furniture, Indian woodbox boots help one with a streamlined catalog of furniture pieces. Currently, the platform has over 8,000 products, with the concept of Made to Order.

And the whole campaign is getting bigger as one of the biggest online retailers in IKEA has announced the decision to build an AR application with ARKK from Apple. With the number of people visiting IKEA stores and spending hours finding the perfect piece of furniture, this app makes the selection process easier and more convenient.